At DIèDRIC space design and management, we mix Architecture with Design and Art.

We work on architecture down to the last detail: from the external volume to the interior decoration. We undertake interior design projects for homes and commercial spaces, design of ephemeral installations and specific actions in the urban landscape, lighting projects and furniture design.

Founded in 2013 by Mariona Llenas Font, Architect and Esther Vidal Ramos, Technical Architect, with more than 15 years of experience in the sector and the collaboration of a multidisciplinary team from different fields and countries.


Mariona Llenas

Architect - ETSAB Barcelona [UPC] 2003 and Postdegree in Landscape Management [UOC] 2011.


"The work of Architecture is an answer to the claims of the space and also a question: how to transform it?"


Esther Vidal

Technical Architect UdG - Girona 2007 and Master's Degree in Project Management [UdG] 2012.


"Architecture is the art of organising space."


Yunsheng Ho

DPLG Architect - ENSAM Montpellier 2016, Fine Arts - HAUTE ÉCOLE d'art -- Perpignan 2010 and Interior Design - China 2004.